5 Must-Have Skills Your Next Accounting Manager Should Have

Jul 7, 2021

Posted by: Sean Dowling, Vice President, KBW Financial Staffing and Recruiting

KBWFinancial Team sean dowlingWhen you’re ready to hire your next accounting manager, there are certain skills to look for. You want the person with the right mix of hard and soft skills to perform at the high level your business needs. Since there are a significant number of skills to pay attention to, it’s best to narrow down the list of exactly which ones to focus on during an interview.    

When you’re ready to hire an accounting manager, be sure to look for these five skills.   

  1. Communication  

Seek an accounting manager who can effectively communicate with everyone. This includes team members, coworkers, leadership, clients, and investors. The manager must be able to share complex ideas, plans, reports, and information in a way that people understand. This is especially important for coworkers and clients who may not have the level of financial literacy that the manager does.    

  1. Technology  

Look for an accounting manager who excels in using technology. They must assess your company’s accounting systems to provide sound financial information, generate appropriate asset evaluation, and reduce the risk of fraud. The manager has to integrate accounting tools with collaboration platforms, instant messaging software, remote desktop monitoring, and more to increase productivity. Being able to stay current on technology developments, implement new systems, and train others to use them is required.   

  1. Critical Thinking  

Find an accounting manager with strong critical thinking skills. They must be able to spot patterns and form a strategy to do their work effectively. The manager has to apply financial frameworks to create reports and complete other complex financial tasks. They need to apply professional judgment when preparing, analyzing, and interpreting financial information. The manager must use their research and findings to explain why they made the decisions that they did. They need to be comfortable assessing the ethics of financial decisions and thorough in their financial reporting.   

  1. Analysis  

Seek an accounting manager who excels at analyzing financial information. They must approach each situation with a critical mind and work from a firm, integrated foundation of accounting knowledge to come up with the appropriate course of action and methods to use. The manager needs to interpret financial data, analyze how it can affect the overall business and individual departments, and decide how to proceed in the company’s best interest. They have to identify problems facing the organization and its accounting framework and then develop an integrated approach with effective solutions.     

  1. Business Knowledge  

Look for an accounting manager with strong business skills. They need to provide strategic guidance and support for key business decisions across all departments. The manager’s decisions serve as a resource for employees throughout the organization. As a result, the manager needs to show foundational skills that benefit employees in other departments.     

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