Our Team

Reflecting our team approach to staffing and recruiting, KBW’s executives and directors work together to guide our success.  Their commitment to our ideals and their professional expertise are critical to achieving our unified mission.

Sean Dowling


An avid New York sports fan, Sean took a big risk admitting his love for the Jets when he joined BANKW, but fortunately we were able to overlook that due to his vast experience as a top recruiter.

After nearly 15 years recruiting finance and accounting professionals for an international staffing firm, Sean brought his passion for recruiting to the BANKW Staffing team as vice president of development for KBW. “It’s rewarding to be able to help someone find a life-changing opportunity and BANKW’s approach to helping people is really what inspired me to join the firm.”

“BANKW is the firm that goes above and beyond to provide the best experience to every candidate and client that we work with.”

Prior to finding his calling as a recruiter, Sean was a retirement plans specialist with MFS Investment Management. When he’s not working, Sean is pursuing his other passions, including spending time with his wife and 3 kids, golfing, reading, doing Cross-Fit, and of course watching his favorite NY sports teams.

Eric Klesper

Eric is the Managing Director for KBW where he manages recruiting and sales operations for the Bedford, NH location. Since joining KBW in 2009, Eric’s leadership, hands-on approach, and team-building expertise have propelled substantial growth in the company’s permanent and temporary staffing practice. Prior to joining KBW, Eric held management positions for local and international staffing and consulting practices as well as ownership interests in local restaurants.

Robin Alsop


Robin is the Managing Director for KBW Financial Staffing & Recruiting where she has been integral in the expansion within the Boston employment market. She is a respected and resourceful recruiting executive with more than 10 years in the Staffing & Recruiting industry. Prior to joining KBW, Robin held recruiting and leadership roles with multiple international staffing and recruiting firms, helping to support various industries and verticals. She received her Masters Business Administration, Management from Salve Regina University in Newport, RI.



Doug Batchelder

Doug is the Practice Director for KBW Financial Staffing & Recruiting where he has been integral in the company’s growth since its launch in 2005. A respected recruiting executive with more than 15 years of staffing experience, he is distinguished by his leadership, passion, and reputation in the greater Boston and New Hampshire business communities. He was actively involved in the founding of the Financial Management Association of New Hampshire, which has become one of the region’s leading professional groups for finance and accounting executives. Prior to joining KBW, Doug held recruiting and leadership positions with multiple international staffing, recruiting, and internal audit firms. He received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of New Hampshire and currently resides in Andover, MA with his wife and three children.

Elizabeth Ledoux


Liz is the balancing force at BANKW Staffing. Her passion for achieving physical health, mental clarity, and the power of positive thinking, helps everyone in the office keep work and life in perspective.

With such a deeply rooted passion for experiencing life, it’s no surprise that Liz’s journey led her to a career in human resources.

“At the most organic level, we’re all humans. My life experiences have given me the clarity to embrace the fact that we’re far from perfect and can be complicated at times. As a human resource professional, you must be able to understand that to be able to relate to, empathize with, and understand people.”

Liz’s ability to bring people together paired with her prior experience in organizational leadership, management, recruiting and executive support have made her an invaluable asset. Since 2006 she has played a critical role in the BANKW’s continuous growth through her expert management of the company’s administrative, HR, and operations staff.

When she’s not in the office, Liz can be found hiking, enjoying nature, and spending time with family.

Allison Abate


Allison Abate is our Director of Administration and Events for BANKW Staffing and our affiliate companies. Allison joined the BANKW Administration team in March of 2017 and was promoted to Director of Administration a year later in April of 2018. Allison manages our administrative and marketing departments. Under Allison’s leadership, the administrative and marketing teams have grown and continue to impress our company every day.

With 20 years of experience working in retail, client-based selling, and personal styling, Allison understands the significance of building lasting relationships and valuing the unique qualities and perspectives that each individual brings to a team.

“Through many years of working with so many different kinds of people I have learned that life is so much more than just a job. Who you are is what makes you successful. How you treat people is what will grow your life, your business and, ultimately, shape those around you.”

As the Director of Administration, Allison brings together the administrative staff working across all five of BANKW’s locations to ensure the highest level of support to our clients.

Allison is also an Advisory Board Member of The Admin Awards: The Highest Honor in the Administrative Profession.

Allison also understands why giving back is so important – and gratifying. Allison ran the Boston Marathon in 2015, raising over $12,000 for Mass Eye and Ear Hospital, and has racked up over 20 half marathons. Along with giving back to her community, in her free time Allison enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters, traveling, and playing golf.

Susan Pindara


Susan is BANKW Staffing’s financial guru. Growing up in a family business is what originally ignited Susan’s passion for analytics, numbers, and lining up the details.

A former BANKW client, before joining the team Susan worked at three staffing companies as a controller and vice president.

“I worked with BANKW on the client side and saw the incredible care and attention they gave clients and candidates. They always put people before business, so when I had a chance to join the organization, I jumped on it.”

Now, as controller for BANKW, Susan not only heads up financial reporting, planning, and analysis, she brings vast experience in process improvement and organizational development to help guide BANKW’s growth. “I love being a part of a growing organization, and implementing processes and procedures to build a healthy, efficient, and successful organization.”

When she’s not traveling to explore faraway places, Susan lives in Windham, NH with her husband and their dog.

Jason Kroll

Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Whether he’s in the office, on the golf course, or relaxing at home with a glass of wine, Jason is a passionate entrepreneur who continually seeks out new ways to think about business.

As a founding partner of all five BANKW Staffing companies. His frequent combination of aggressive ideas and creative strategies (fueled by copious amounts of coffee) have played a key role in the award-winning growth of the businesses.

“I love a good business story. I want to know how businesses scale, the challenges they face, and how things are manufactured. But even more importantly, I want to create our own story.”

Drawing on over a decade of experience in senior management and operations roles with international staffing, internal audit, and hospitality organizations, Jason leads BANKW’s sales strategy, staff development, and operations. And yet, he still finds time to serve the community: He co-founded the New Hampshire Financial Management Association and serves on the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation Piscataqua Region Advisory Board.

Jason enjoys skiing, playing golf, and lives in Rye, NH with his wife and twin daughters.

Paul Becker


After starting his career in public accounting, Paul turned his expertise to recruiting accounting and financial professionals for an international staffing firm. He spent close to 9 years at this firm and over the course of a few months he made a number of life decisions.  It was also during this time that Paul met his wife.

“I knew after our first date I was going to marry her. We quickly got engaged and married. It was then that I began playing with the idea of creating my own firm. Starting my family motivated me to go all in.”

Paul partnered with two other talented industry professionals—Jason Kroll and Gary Wing—to form KBW in 2005. Following the success of KBW, they’ve since added four sister companies to the BANKW family: The Alexander Technology Group, The Nagler Group, KNF&T and Sales Search Partners. Now over 17 years in, Paul is proud of his team and considers them part of his family.

A sports fanatic, when he’s not busy overseeing the operations of the BANKW companies, you’ll find Paul rooting on his favorite Boston teams, spending time with his family, and playing sports with his two boys.

Gary Wing


Fostering relationships and building trust with customers has been a fundamental belief of Gary’s since he embarked on his recruiting career in 1999.  When contemplating this career change, he asked some MBA peers at business school whether they could envision him in a sales/advisory role – “We thought you were in sales already?” To which he would inevitably reply, “No, I’m an analyst… in a bank… with spreadsheets.”  Collectively, everyone realized this was an opportunity he should pursue.   Since then, Gary has dedicated himself to building relationships with customers and colleagues alike by becoming a trusted advisor.  Gary’s advice to new recruiters, or new sales professionals: “Don’t do things just to make money.  Do things the right way, and success will follow.”

“It’s important to help customers realize the role we play in assisting their own corporate objectives.  We’re here to educate customers on the local staffing market, quickly show what options are available, and highlight how other customers have been successful when partnering with BANKW.  Customers rely on us to make quick, informed decisions that positively contribute to their own goals and objectives.  None of this happens without trust – and that comes when we regularly engage with a customer.” 


This central theme is what drives Gary – originally to start KBW with Jason Kroll and Paul Becker, and now as Chief Sales Enablement Office, to educate BANKW team members to develop their own skills to become successful recruiters.


Gary earned his Master’s in Business Administration from Boston College’s Carroll School of Management and his Bachelor of Science in Business from Brown University.  He lives in Bow, NH, with his wife Andrea, and their two children.  You may also find Gary these days on his Peloton!  When taking an 80’s or 90’s rock ride, keep an eye out for Boston_Recrutah!

Matt Nagler


Ask Matt why he comes to work every day and without hesitation the answer will always be, “the people.” It’s why he started BANKW Staffing and it’s what keeps him coming back every day.

“What I love about our team is our shared values and the skill that each person brings to the table. With this group, the opportunities are limitless; you just have to believe and execute on that belief.”

After spending a decade in management and public relations, Matt co-founded BANKW Staffing and The Nagler Group. His dedication to the human resources field and his passion for helping others grow—personally and professionally—Is what led him to BANKW Staffing. “I started these companies because it provided the ideal environment for me to focus on the things that matter most to me—family, friends, colleagues, business, and community—and create the life I wanted.”

A dedicated philanthropist, Matt spearheaded BANKW’s involvement in the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and New Hampshire Food Bank. He serves on the board of directors for the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless and is a professional coach for the Babson College Coaching and Leadership Program. Matt is also a successful restaurateur with establishments across the Midwest.

With all that, Matt still manages to stay balanced. His philosophy? Accept, adapt, embrace.

Jason Alexander


Jason is Chief Revenue Officer for KBW Financial Staffing & Recruiting.  He works tirelessly to drive new revenue opportunities, foster marketing and PR strategies, and participate regularly in public speaking opportunities. If there was one word to describe Jason’s nature, it would be “driven”. This is displayed not only in his affinity for facts and figures, but also in his people-first leadership style. This combination of strengths has helped Jason lead BANKW to ongoing growth and success, even during some substantially challenging times.

“This team’s passion for creative problem solving has been continually tested. First when the recession hit in 2008, and again with the Covid-19 pandemic. Constant learning helped all of us overcome some seemingly impossible obstacles and contributed to our continued growth while many companies were either fighting to survive or going under altogether.”

Jason was named at one of Business NH Magazine’s top leaders for the future and received a Business Excellence Award from the NH Business Review. He has also served as a director/advisor on the boards the Massachusetts Technology Council, the NH Tech Alliance, the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council, Southern New Hampshire University, NHTI, Granite State College, and Pinkerton Academy.

When he’s not at work, you’ll find Jason spending time with his family, working on his golf game, or most often hiking or camping in the mountains of New Hampshire.