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How to Keep Your Accounting Department Running Effectively During the Holidays

Dec 10, 2021

Posted by: Sean Dowling, Vice President, KBW Financial Staffing and Recruiting

Managing an accounting department during the holidays is stressful. You have to balance employee requests for time off with the increased workload of year-end tasks. Although you want your team to have time off when desired, you also need additional accounting responsibilities taken care of before the deadline. As a result, you need to find a way to satisfy employee requests as much as possible while maintaining productivity.

Here are four tips to keep your accounting department running effectively during the holiday season.

Plan in Advance

Ask your accounting team to have their vacation requests in by a certain date, such as September 30, so you can determine who may have off and when. Remind employees that a limited number may have off at one time. Paid time off is determined on a first-come, first-served basis. If possible, stagger vacation scheduling by having one employee work in the morning and another work in the afternoon on the same day. You’ll maintain coverage while allowing for time off.

Offer Remote Work Options

Let your accounting team work remotely. They’ll be more productive and less stressed when fitting in work around their schedules. With cloud technology, specialized software and an internet connection, your team can access real-time information to collaborate on projects while working from anywhere. They can attend their children’s school celebrations, take care of holiday preparations and complete other personal responsibilities while finishing their work.

Be Realistic

Remind yourself that your accounting team can’t stay late every night. They have personal obligations to attend, including spending time with family and friends, shopping and attending parties. Although you need to establish parameters, understand that there will be times when an employee needs to leave early. As long as they’re fulfilling their weekly work hours and delivering results, let your team leave at reasonable times.

Hire Accounting Temps

Blend accounting temps with your staff to maintain productivity. Your team will be better equipped to adjust to the seasonal workload fluctuation and employee absences. You gain qualified accounting temps who can jump in and begin producing with little training. Your team members have lower odds of becoming burnt out when they have help completing their work on time.

Get Help from KBW

Keep your accounting department running with help from KBW Financial Staffing & Recruiting. We have access to experienced accounting temps who can come in when your accountants take off and help relieve your seasonal workload. Partner with us today.

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