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Job Search Advice for the Recent Graduate

Aug 1, 2022

Posted by: Alex Lowe, Recruiting Manager, KBW Financial Staffing & Recruiting

Alex LoweAs we celebrate another season of college graduations, employers are preparing for the influx of applications from recent graduates to reach their hiring managers. With the candidate pool saturated by fresh talent, employers are also planning to be more particular about who they’re bringing into their organizations.

With a thoughtfully crafted resume and a few helpful tips from our recruiting team, you can stand apart from the crowd and set yourself up for job search success!

Stay Open and Flexible 

Recent graduates can fit into organizations in a variety of ways. Know what you want and what your short term/long term goals are but be willing to be open to suggestions. Companies are assessing if you will be a good fit for them, just like you are trying to judge if their organization would be a suitable place for you to start your career.

Staying flexible in your expectations will allow you to explore more job options and find the perfect role for you and your newly polished skills. Finding a career that will keep you motivated and challenged may lead you in different directions than you expected!

Utilize All Job Search Platforms 

Back in the day, finding a job meant perusing the newspaper and either calling to speak with a hiring manager, or inquiring in person. Thankfully we have more modern and expediate forms of searching for jobs now.

First, get yourself a recruiter. Don’t panic – in most cases it is free for applicants to use a recruiting service, as they are paid through the organizations they represent, not paid by the applicants they place. Staffing professionals spend 40+ hours a week speaking with applicants like yourself, company clients, and navigating the job boards for top talent. They are a great resource for job opportunities, market information and general job search help. Be honest about your search and motivators, and a recruiter can be a fantastic resource in jump-starting your career search.

Second, sign up on every job board you can find. LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster are just a few of the most prominent job boards, but local communities will have job boards as well. It’s typically free to sign up on these platforms and so easy to submit your resume to a multitude of diverse positions from one central location.

In addition, keep an eye out for career fairs and related events. Employers in your area will be at those events looking for applicants and you can make a great first impression by dressing sharply and handing out printed copies of your resume to organizations that interest you and appeal to your skill set.

Network Professionally 

It’s likely that you’re coming out of college with some valuable connections. Be confident in your new skills and abilities and put yourself out there! Contact former professors, friends, family, and even old co-workers and university alumni if you’ve got a contact you can utilize!

No one gets anywhere alone. If you cultivated good relationships with people in the past and they can help you get ahead now, they generally will! Not everyone will be able to help you, but they may offer themselves as a professional reference for when you do secure an interview.

Receiving an Offer 

Congratulations! You’ve connected, applied, and interviewed. Now you’re anticipating an employment offer to be extended, and you’re wondering if this is the career for you. Before you jump to accept the first offer you’re presented with, take a beat, and form a plan.

It’s important to keep in mind that your first job will most likely not be your last. Ask yourself, does this position improve my experience, career trajectory, finances and does it help me get where I want to be long term? If the answer to these questions is yes, then it’s probably a good opportunity for you! If you’re hesitant about the offer for one reason or another, perhaps this might not be the best fit for you. Everyone wants to accept the job, but make sure you’re accepting the right position for you.

Don’t drag your feet! If you are heading into a final round interview, be prepared and ready for an employment offer to follow. If it does, you can decide quickly if you will accept the offer or politely decline. The “Great Resignation” is still alive and well, so competition in the job market is a reality that is not going away. Give yourself every advantage you can. Be timely and concise about all your decisions so you don’t miss out on potential opportunities.

Beyond the Job Search

Once you’ve secured a position, it’s time to rest on your laurels and reap the rewards, right? Wrong! It’s time to keep your resume and employment profiles up to date. Profile and resume maintenance may seem like something to update when you’re looking for your next job but consider that while you may not be looking for a new career, new job opportunities are opening all the time. Where there was no vacancy yesterday, there may be an open prospect tomorrow. Don’t miss out on being considered a qualified candidate by being lax with your resume and/or applicant profiles!

Recruiters are always searching the job boards for the perfect applicant to fill positions that you may be unaware of. By keeping your resume and applicant profiles fresh with new skills, capabilities, and responsibilities, you’re allowing your most productive self to be discovered by someone who may need your talents.

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