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Reasons You Should Take an Accounting Contract Assignment When in Between Jobs

Nov 19, 2021

Posted by: Gary Wing, Managing Partner, BANKW Staffing

Accounting contract roles are abundant. They’re an excellent way to secure income, increase skills and potentially be offered a full-time position. Plus, contract roles fill the gaps between jobs on your resume.

Here are five reasons you should take an accounting contract assignment when in between jobs.

Unique Entry to Companies

Employers who hire on a contract basis often want to vet a worker’s skills and fit with company culture before deciding whether to hire them full-time. For this reason, even if you’re outside the typical company profile you may be able to get an in with the business. Or, the business may require specialized skills you possess to complete a project or satisfy another need. Showcasing your knowledge, skills and abilities may mean being hired for another contract assignment down the road.

Increased Networking

Getting to know colleagues, hiring managers, HR professionals and executives shows dedication to your career. Sharing what type of work motivates and interests you most can set you up for potential contact assignments down the road. Your connections can also advise you on job openings elsewhere and recommend you to employers.

Greater Flexibility

Having more control over your schedule increases your work-life balance. You can fit in work around traveling, caring for a family member, raising kids and pursuing other interests. You also can schedule work for when you’re most productive and take off when needed.

Broader Skill Set

Moving among employers keeps your knowledge, skills and experience current. Going to a new job site and meeting new people enhances your adaptation skills. You can gain experience in multiple industries to increase your marketability.

Potential Full-Time Job

Because an employer can see you demonstrate your skills, knowledge and experience, you increase your odds of being hired. Blending with company culture further enhances your chance of securing a full-time position. Plus, if you’re offered employment, you can negotiate a higher salary because you’re fully trained and contributing as a valuable member of the team.

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