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Goals setting obstacles

Goals Setting Obstacles

Once you’ve moved on from outside considerations, fear may kick in. That number is way too high...What if I fail? What if my co-workers resent me? What if… Sometimes, fear just is. And when you’re looking at a big, end-of-year numbers, it can be overwhelming. So...

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What certifications should you add to your accounting resume?

What Certifications Should You Add to Your Accounting Resume?

Accounting is a field that requires a great deal of training. Even with an extensive educational background, however, your resume might not stand out in a sea of qualified candidates. To truly demonstrate your industry-specific knowledge, skills, and experience, you...

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To tell or not to tell: salary history

To Tell or Not to Tell: Salary History

It turns out that one of the most stressful things for Americans to talk about isn’t politics or religion or even death – it’s personal finances. So when a prospective employer asks for a salary history, you may find your blood pressure rising. If you are comfortable...

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Better employees

Better Employees

One of the things managers often struggle with is how to get their employees to perform at a higher level. Not because their people aren’t doing good work, but because they can do better work. And getting better work is part of a manager’s job. It’s easy to chalk it...

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Happiness at work

Happiness at Work

We spend more of our waking hours at our jobs than doing any one other thing. So being happy at work matters - a lot. And what makes us happy at work is in our control. The results of a recent CareerBliss survey of ‘happiest’ jobs may surprise you. Database...

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How to manage generation z employees

How to Manage Generation Z Employees

Members of Generation Z are expected to make up approximately one-quarter of the global workforce in 2020. As Baby Boomers continue to retire over the next decade and millennials enter senior management roles, Generation Z is anticipated to make up one-third of the...

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Helpless vs. Resourceful

Helpless vs. Resourceful

Over the last several years of hiring people for our company we have tried to come up with some profile or some marker to look for how to determine who has a better chance of success. We have used traditional hiring methods, behavior analysis, evaluations and multiple...

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Terrible job, great career

Terrible Job, Great Career

One of the first things I ask candidates is, “Do you want a job, or do you want a career? Because this can be a terrible job, but a great career.” There’s no right or wrong answer to the question. But the paths are considerably different and it’s important to know...

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7 soft skills all accountants need to be successful

7 Soft Skills All Accountants Need to Be Successful

In the accounting industry, your soft skills are as important as your hard skills. Your soft skills are the reason you effectively communicate, appreciate, and work with others. They help you lead a meeting, put clients at ease, and make yourself heard and valued....

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Five traits of a top analyst

Five Traits of a Top Analyst

As a financial analyst, you work in a highly competitive field. Along with having the required education, skills, experience, and certification, you need to demonstrate the most important traits employers are looking for to be among the industry’s top professionals....

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The war for talent…

The War for Talent…

If you're in a hiring position then you have likely realized that the war for talent has been fully waged. Whether you are the winner or loser of this war is probably yet to be seen but before gearing up for a full scale battle, it's critical to understand the value...

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Ditching the work-life balance

Ditching the Work-Life Balance

One of the things that people ask me about the most when we’re talking about potential work is how much work-life balance different jobs afford. I understand the question, but I hate the term “work-life balance”. While it’s meant to make sure that our lives aren’t...

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Imposter syndrome

Imposter Syndrome

“Oh no, is now when people are going to find me out?” You’re not the only one who wonders. The feeling that you’re going to be ‘found out’, that someday people will realize you’re a fraud, that you’re not as smart or deserving as people might think you are, is a...

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Hiring the best athlete not the best resume

Hiring The Best Athlete not The Best Resume

We’ve all done it, interviewed the person that everyone in the room loved. Your gut told you she was a great fit, but she was too entry level, came out of a different industry, or didn’t have one of the skills listed in the job description. So you didn’t hire her and...

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