Helpful Tips on How to Get an Offer Accepted

Jul 14, 2022

Posted by: Brendan Licata, Director of Strategic Accounts, BANKW Staffing

KBWFinancial Team BrendanLicataWhen I entered the staffing world in 2004, I had no prior experience in specialized recruiting, nor prior experience working through an offer phase.  Fortunately, most of my career in recruiting has ended up on the positive side – offer out, offer accepted.  However, there are professionals that do not accept an offer, and that often leaves employers scratching their heads and wondering why.

Let’s examine some items to consider when seeking to get more employment offers accepted.

Consider the following when evaluating your company:
  • Is your company aware of the local and regional business community?
  • How does your company align with other businesses competing for talent?
  • Is your company organized when interviewing talent?
  • Does your HR/TA group keep up to date with competitive compensation and benefit details?
  • Does your company do an honest look at areas of improvement and implement these changes?
Employee Development

A contributing factor to an applicant accepting an offer is their ability to envision themselves at your company long term. Something to consider when interviewing and extending offers to potential employees is if there is a well-articulated roadmap for individuals to learn, develop, and progress within the company. It’s okay to not have lots of progression in a role, but stagnant positions tend to have higher attrition. Companies should clearly define what the role will do and how it contributes to the business in each offer. If the role doesn’t have advancement, are there transition opportunities for employees to move into other positions should they desire it?

The Local Pulse

When was the last time your company went to a local chamber of commerce meeting?  It’s important to know what businesses are doing in the surrounding area and understand how your company fits into that ecosystem. Are these businesses HQ or satellite offices with only certain functions employed? Is hiring consistently throughout the year or more seasonal? Learning the needs and opportunities in your community can help your company stay in the know of local trends that can affect your business.

Stay Competitive

Human Resources and Talent Acquisition departments are a vital component to attracting, hiring, and retaining talent of all levels. The surrounding ecosystem of companies provides important information regarding salary and benefits. In terms of general hiring, what does this community do to showcase positions – job fairs and/or job postings?

Consider how much technology is used. There is a fine line between just enough technology to make the application process easy, but human enough to encourage the applicant to want to accept the offer. Over-complicating the application and interview process can deter applicants before they’ve even set foot in the door. Treating every applicant’s experience like they could soon be accepting an offer of employment can help identify roadblocks in the interview process that could deter an acceptance.

In addition, speak to local recruiting firms about salaries and insurance brokers about the most comprehensive benefits. Recognizing that employees work to provide for their families and selves may seem obvious but providing competitive compensation and benefits packages is an ever-changing dynamic that needs attention as the economy continues to shift. Falling behind on this critical item may be a key indicator as to why an employment offer is declined.

The Interview Process

Many candidates have withdrawn interest in positions when the interview process is long and daunting. Be intellectually honest about who must be part of the interview process and keep the timeline quick. When a position requisition is approved, does your company review its traditional interview process? Who are the stakeholders involved in the interview and how many people does it include? In addition, for the employees who are involved in the interview process, what types of question are they asking? Are these questions helping or hurting the process? Is the employee passionate about his/her role and what the company is doing?

It’s not enough to say you have stakeholders within the company to interview talent. You want “champions” of your company interviewing prospects. Best foot forward – better outcomes.

Adapt to Succeed

Ongoing shifts in workforce expectations are inevitable. Be it flexible hours, work from home or hybrid opportunities, equity in compensation, and even dress code, businesses that adapt after carefully reviewing changes tend to have a higher percentage of their job offers accepted. Adapting your business models to succeed in new environments as they begin to take shape presents a culture that employees will want to be a part of. Clearly articulating this prolific culture will encourage applicants to accept an offer.

Getting the Offer Accepted

While there is not one single answer, considering the above observations and recommendations is a good place to start when seeking more accepted offers. When a business looks at the big picture, addresses key areas of concern, maintains a productive interview timeline, continuously works to improve compensation and benefits, and adapts to societal changes, professionals are more likely to accept an offer of employment.

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